Religion and Worldviews

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Religion and Worldviews

At Liscard Primary School we provide a range of opportunities for children to learn about and respect their own and other cultures and beliefs. We follow the Wirral Scheme of Work which allows the children to learn about a range of faiths as well as the wider world and global issues such as Fairtrade, our planet, Harvest, making choices in the community, helping others and learning about special people and places.

As well as delivering inspiring and creative lessons, children have the opportunity to visit different places of worship and identify with members of the community from different cultures and beliefs.

We enjoy engaging in educational assemblies throughout the school year as we invite special people from the community and our own staff to deliver informative assemblies around a range of topics within RE and Worldviews and SMSC. 
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We are very proud to say we have recently regained the
Gold RE Quality Mark
The RE Quality Mark (REQM) has been developed by the Religious Education Council of England and Wales to celebrate high quality religious education. It is an accreditation system designed to promote good RE in all sectors and phases of education in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.
The REQM has five strands which are assessed:
  • Learners and Learning
  • Teachers and Teaching
  • Curriculum
  • Subject leadership
  • Continuing Professional Development.
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Hats of Faith
The event included pupils from 10 Wirral schools.
The main event included the children having an opportunity to talk to different faith and community representatives about headwear worn in their different religions/employment and the children sharing their findings with others. 
The Mayor and the Bishop of Birkenhead attended and the children met representatives from the following faiths and community services; Islam, Christianitity, Judaism, Ethiopian Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Evangelical and also the Police Service, Tram Officer and a motorcyclist.
The children listened to how the hats are symbols representing the beliefs and 'faith' that they have in them, some faiths having many different 'Hats', others have none!
The children created  their own design on their caps for Hats Of Faith. They created posters with comments such as ; 'You do not need a hat to have faith' and 'Have Faith!' 'Love, Peace and Hope for s brighter future.' 'Love Your Neighbour.'  A fabulous day meeting children and teachers from other schools and sharing ideas. 

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