Physical Education

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Physical Education (PE)  

At Liscard, we aim to develop confidence and competence in a range of sports and activities, providing creative. exciting, and progressive opportunities for all our pupils. All our pupils have the opportunity to participate in Dance, Swimming, Gymnastics, Games and Athletics throughout the academic year, in both curriculum and extra-curriculum time. We encourage a competitive spirit, whilst recognising the value of cooperation, fair play, and teamwork. Our pupils will be provided with a range of teaching styles and approaches in order to provoke an enthusiasm and passion towards their Physical Education lessons. Our aim is to ensure all pupils receive a well-rounded education in order to promote positive experiences within the subject, alongside instilling theory behind; health, fitness, and nutrition, leading to lifelong participation in physical activity.

Physical Education is delivered by S4YC educators with access to iPEP- Interactive Physical Education Planner, covering all aspects of the National Curriculum, with focus placed upon high quality assessment and evidence. S4YC PE educators will support the continuous improvement of the quality of PE lessons across the school, implementing detailed action plans and staff support throughout the academic year. To further support this, S4YC PE educators provide detailed handovers, developmental plans, and reports for each child. We look forward to developing a successful and evolving partnership with S4YC and continuing to position ourselves at the forefront of Physical Education provision in the local area.

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Platinum School Games Mark Award  Capture.PNG We are delighted to be recognised for maintaining consistently high standards in sports provision. Liscard Primary School has received this award for making a commitment to develop its pupils to be the best they can be in competitive school sport.

The Award's aim is to reward schools for a commitment to the development of competition across schools and into the community. Participating in this process allows schools to evaluate their PE provision, grading them either bronze, silver or gold, and assists schools in developing an action plan for future progress. The Platinum Award is the highest level of the award scheme, introduced to celebrate schools who have shown consistently high-levels of enthusiasm and commitment to school sport. Applications are only open to those schools who achieved five successive gold awards.


To achieve the gold award a school must meet a certain set of criteria, which includes engaging a high percentage of young people in both curricular and extracurricular activities, participating in a minimum number of competitions across different sports, and reaching out to target groups including young leaders, volunteers, and those previously identified as the school’s least-active pupils.

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