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Hi, I am the SwiggleBot!Searching the internet for images or content can sometimes be a bit hit and miss. It can be hard to find the right content  and sometimes you can stumble onto things that might make you feel upset, embarrassed or sad.  Swiggle can help you with your first steps on the road to better online searching.

Swiggle uses the very latest search technologies to make your searches more useful. It not only gives you safer access to online content but encourages responsible behaviour too.

With our new friend SwiggleBot to help you, you can search for great information and images, and if you do see things that you think are not right, you can let us know and we’ll consider blocking it. You can even use SwiggleBot to cover your screen while you go and get help from an adult. is a great start in encouraging responsible online searching

After all, the best way to keep yourself safe and happy online is by having a safe and happy attitude. A better internet starts with you.



Safety - Useful Links

Please remember to support your children when they are using the internet. There are some great resources available online to educate chidren.

Family Safety
There are many ways to help you keep your children safer on the internet when they are using computers, tablets and phones and games consoles. The following information has been put together to ensure that you are aware of the services available to you. Most of them are free, however you can purchase perental control software that will allow you to monitor and protect a number of different devices that your child uses . Norton Family, McAfee Family Protection, AV Family Safety and Net Nanny are some examples such software.
Most broadband providers offer a free family safety feature. This will allow you to block inappropriate websites from being accessed from any devices on your home network. Some will let you setup timezones for when these filters are applied and allow or block additional websites of your chosing.
Links to parental safety information from the four biggest broadband providers are below.
BT SKY  Virgin Meida TalkTalk
BT Parental Controls Sky Shield Web Safe HomeSafe 
There are many safety restrictions available to parents on the iPad/iPhone/iPod. Again, you can allow/block certain websites, restrict apps, prevent apps from being downloaded, prevent location tracking.
To enable parental controls for most Android phones and tablets you will need to check the details with the manufacturer of the device. Some Android devices have very limited family safety settings and therefor would require a third party app to be installed to offer the additional safety. Some apps like Mobile Guardian offer extra parental controls such as the ability to view websites that your child is visiting. There is often an extra cost for 3rd party apps like this, Mobile Guardian for example currently costs £2.45 per month.
Windows Phone offers a service called Kids Corner which allows you to select the apps that your child can or cannot use.
Apple Devices Android Devices Windows Phone
Apple Support  Family Link Family Safety
You can also help your child stay safe online by setting some restrictions on the devices that they use.
Most devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, phones, games consoles have some element of family safety, helping you to restrict the type of content available to your child.
Computers & Laptops 
For Windows based computers and laptops, Microsoft has created Family Safety that allows you to restrict websites, filter games/applications, prevent online purchasing  and even limit the number of hours your child is allowed to use the device for.
Apple also offer parental controls for their Mac computers with similar features.

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