Welcoming all children back in March 2021

We look forward to welcoming all children back to school on Monday 8th March 2021 and we have been busy making plans for how we can help to keep everyone safe and as socially distanced as possible. Please can we remind all Parents/Carers to wear a face covering once you enter the school grounds.
All relevant risk assessments can be accessed below. 
To do this we have introduced staggered start and finish times for all children - please see the document below for a summary of these times. 
Below, there are also guidance notes for each Year Group, sharing the information parents/carers will need for the new school year, e.g. times, which entrance/exit, what children will need to wear/bring etc. 
There is also an overview of which entrances and exits are referred to in the guidance notes.
To avoid the need for children to change into PE kit, we are asking that children wear a tracksuit and trainers ONLY on the day they have PE - the relevant day of the week for each year group is shown in the guidance notes below.

NB. If you have more than one child at Liscard Primary School:

Please bring all siblings in at the start time of the earliest child; please see example below:

e.g. children in Pre-school, Years 1 and 3 – arrive for a 8:50am start (Year 1 start time) and drop all children off at the relevant entrance points, following the one-way system. In this example, you would drop off your Year 1 child at Front Door 1, Year 3 child at Front Door 2 then out onto Manor Lane to the entrance for the pre-school child.

Children will finish school at the stated time and will come out of the allocated door - we are unable to arrange for all siblings to leave at the same time. We appreciate this may mean you have to wait around for a little while. Please remember to maintain social distancing at all times and wear a face covering whilst on school grounds.

Please arrive on time to help reduce the number of people on the school site at any one time. Thank you.

We understand that this may be confusing but there will be plenty of staff available to help guide you, so please don't worry.

Please note - these plans are subject to review and change where necessary.