Social Supermarket Coming Soon - Can you spare any time?

24th September 2019
What is a Social Supermarket?
Social Supermarkets are community led shops where people can purchase good quality nutritious food at low cost. They may have a mix of fresh, frozen and packaged food for sale, usually at less than half the price you would pay in your local supermarket.

What is a hub?
At our hub we will be increasing the food provision currently provided by Fed Up Wirral and also providing non-food related support, for example job advice, benefit support and budgeting advice, to help people make steps to move out of poverty

Who can use a hub?
Anybody can use a hub once they have completed the free short membership form.

How can I help?
If you would like to volunteer, please pop along to our drop in session on Tuesday 24th September from 1pm. Alternatively contact us by our email at or find us on Facebook
Our commitment
We are committed to helping reduce food poverty and food waste in our community.

Pictures below taken at the Social Supermarket being run by Charlotte's Brightside in New Brighton. To give you an idea of what ours will look like!