SEND support for home

Remote learning for our SEND and vulnerable pupils

At Liscard Primary all our children with an EHCP or additional funding have been offered places to attend school so routines can be kept as normal as possible for them during these changing times.  Children are supported by staff who know them well and understand how best to adapt lessons to meet their individual needs. 

Here at Liscard we have worked hard to facilitate remote learning for all our pupils including our SEND/vulnerable children.  We believe in the use of blended learning so that children are supported with a mix of online and live teaching sessions.  This allows our staff to model and teach new learning within the usual differentiated classes while providing activities appropriate to a child’s learning and SEN needs. 

Weekly timetables are provided for all children and when appropriate for some of our SEN children daily timetables are made available.  Staff have worked hard to ensure that every SEND pupil, working from home, has access to the technology they require to join the remote teaching. (providing a range of laptops and notebooks to pupils) We hae also ensured that children have access to a range of assistive technology in order to support their learning needs (please see links below plus those in the remote learning section).


Staff are understanding of the needs of the children within their class and work hard to ensure the lessons provided are suitable to meeting the needs of our SEND children providing;

  • differentiated teaching
  • clear explanations with visual prompts and appropriate materials to support learning
  • chunked/scaffolded learning
  • and feedback throughout lessons to support and move learning on.

Staff also recognise that working from home online can be challenging for some of our SEND pupils and children are encourage to:

  • establish structure through a timetable
  • have regular movement breaks
  • reduce distractions such as turning any background noise such as the television off.

When appropriate children have also been provided with resources that they would usually use in school to ensure that they can reach their full learning potential at home such as sloping boards, pencil grips, movement bands for chairs and fidget toys.

Class teachers, Family Support Workers, SENDco or Senior Leadership team have made contact with SEND families to ensure that SEND children are accessing remote learning and have offered support when families are finding this challenging.  Regular contact with teaching staff through our Class Dojo platform has also been encouraged and staff then feedback to our SENDco and SLT if further advice is required to support our SEND children which is then shared with individual parents.

We have organised online support during this period for some of our SEND children from the following agencies:

  • Gilbrook outreach support
  • Mental Health Support Team (MHST)
  • ADHD Foundation therapy sessions
  • SALT (NHS)

We have also provided support for our parents through our partnership with a range of agencies.  These have included access to parent workshops and training sessions to support our parents.

Useful links to support SEND children additional to those include in the remote learning resources section of the website include: