School arrangements - Giants are coming to New Brighton

25th September 2018

You may have heard the exciting news that the Giants are coming to New Brighton on Friday 5th October!

The arrangements for this event have been kept highly secret and local Headteachers have just been informed of the final details. Headteachers and  members of the Local Authority Education team recognise how this spectacle will be a great event for children and their families.

The Wirral parade will be along New Brighton promenade and it is expected that the event will attract a vast number of visitors to the area which may make it difficult for parents to access schools during peak times.

For these reasons, it has been agreed that pupils of schools situated within the Wallasey cluster will be able to visit The Giants without incurring an unauthorised absence. Families who would need to travel close to the route would also be able to collect their child from a Wallasey cluster school earlier than the usual time of closing to ensure safety.

Following many requests from parents/carers, we have arranged that you can pick your child/ren up at 1:30pm on Friday 5th October, from the usual collection point. However, if you are unable to pick your child up at 1:30pm he/she can remain at school until the usual finish time of 3:15/3:20pm.

Please be aware of high volumes of traffic in the area and allow plenty of time to travel.

Please DoJo or contact your child’s class teacher if you are unable or do not want to collect your child at 1:30pm.