Road Safety Measures

11th March 2021
Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you to all of you who have stopped driving up Manor Lane to pick up your children. As I have mentioned previously there have been some 'near misses' where children and parents/carers have almost been knocked over by cars.

The requirement to maintain social distancing in line with the DfE and Public Health guidance has necessitated a one way system. This means that all the children (over 720) leave the site onto Manor Lane.

A police enforcement officer observed the children leaving on Monday evening and advised, for health and safety reasons, that the lane be coned off whilst the children and parents/carers left the site. The Local Authority has endorsed the temporary lane closure stating that it is in line with Government Covid-19 guidance around preventative measures.

Parents/carers who have Blue Badge parking discs will be allowed to enter Manor Lane preferably just before the children leave school.

There have been a small number of incidents where staff have been subject to antisocial behaviour e.g. abusive language and intimidatory behaviour. On a number of occasions cars have been driven slowly when staff have been walking back into the school site. The distance between the car and staff has been a couple of centimetres. Any driver who acts in an aggressive manner will be reported to Merseyside Road Safety or to the Police.

It is my understanding that Council enforcement officers as well as the Police will be visiting the site.

The health and safety of our children and families is a top priority.. We would appreciate everyone's support. We have received a considerable number of messages supporting this initiative. Thank you.

Keep safe,