Rights Respecting School : What does it mean?

Rights Respecting School: What does it mean?
On the 20th November 1989 the world made a set of promises for every child on earth.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is an international statement of all of those promises.

UNICEF protects and promotes those rights.

Those rights try to make sure that every child is healthy, educated, treated fairly and listened to. They also make sure that all children are protected from violence, abuse and exploitation.
Our school is a Rights Respecting School!
Being a Rights Respecting school has become part of our everyday school life.

As pupils and staff we now know our rights and we work together to make sure that every child in our school has those rights.

This means we all have a responsibility to play and we try and work as a team to support each other.
Some of the most important rights in our school are:
* I have the right to an education (article 28).
* I have the right to relax and play (article 31).
* I have the right to clean water and nutritious food (article 24).
* I have the right to be the best that I can be (article 29)
* I have the right to give my opinion and for adults to listen to me (article 12).
* I have the right to learn how to use my rights as I grow up ( article 5)