Reopening Letter for Parents

22nd May 2020 (entrance doors amended 28th May)

Dear Parents/Carers

Wider Opening Plans at Liscard Primary:

An update:

You will be aware of the government plans to provide wider provision for pupils in school from 1st June 2020, (prioritising Y1/Y6/F2/F1). 

As parents/carers you must make your own decisions as to whether you want your child to return to school given all the information available. We will respect any choice that you make and will not be pursuing any non-attendance of pupils. We also appreciate some parents/ carers now have no choice or alternative and need to send their children back to school. We have plans in place to reduce the risk to your child as much as possible. It is important for the safety of our children and staff, that more children do not return to school until we have assurance from the government that the five conditions to ease lockdown are fully met. Therefore provision and dates may be subject to change.

We have considered many options in order to ensure everyone remains as safe as possible. Following government guidance we will encourage all our Key Worker and vulnerable children, who are currently not attending, to return to school where medically possible, from Monday 1st June. Once we have ensured that these priority groups are placed within their year group ‘pods’ and all our classrooms are resourced and have adequate cleaning procedures in place, we will welcome back our Year 1 children from Monday 8th June. This will then allow the Y6, F2 and F1 children to be phased back in as staffing and classroom capacity allows. In order to reduce risk, once your child is part of a pod we respectfully request that you follow the government social distancing rules.

Our aim is that children will be able to return to school gradually over a phased period with their own teachers and/or teaching assistants in familiar classrooms. As children will be placed into smaller pods in order to adhere to government guidance on social distancing this will mean they will need to return on a part time basis.

Organisation - Proposed Phased Wide Provision:

We are three times the size of an average primary school and therefore have many more challenges to overcome. By phasing children’s’ return, we can review and update our plans and risk assessments based on any issues which have arisen before another year group is introduced. Our ambition is to extend our provision to all year groups providing equal access to education where and when it is possible. 

Children will be allocated either a morning or an afternoon session. These will be decided alphabetically to ensure family groups are attending at the same times. You will be informed of your part time session by your teacher. Pods will be approximately 7-12 children, depending on room capacity. The children will remain within their pod during the whole session to ensure contact with others is minimised as much as possible. 

Children of Key Workers and vulnerable children will access lessons in a separate full time year group pod.  Key Worker children who require extended provision beyond the school day will remain in a separate Extended Key Worker pod, subject to availability. Dates below are subject to change:


Proposed Date

Year Group




Phase 1:

Mon 1st June

Key Worker

8:45 - 3:20


F1 & F2 - EYFS area

Years 1-6 - Y2 Door

Phase 2:

Mon 8th June


9:00 - 11:45

12:30 - 3:15

Y1 Door /  Y2 Door

Phase 3:

Mon 15th June


8:45 - 11:30

12:15 - 3:00

Y6 Back Playground

Phase 4: 

Mon 22nd June


9:00 - 11:45

12:30 - 3:15


Phase 5:






Phase 6: 


Y2, 3, 4 & 5




Key changes:

In order to reduce social contact school will operate a one-way system with entry to school through the Withens Lane gate and exit through the Manor Lane gate. EYFS one way system will be different using the gates located on Manor Lane. Markings will be on the ground to ensure families can keep at a social distance. Only one adult is to come onto the site to drop off and collect children. Signposting will be in place and we will share information about drop off and pick up points with a marked map. Parents/carers will not be allowed to enter the school building in order to reduce contact. 

Lunchtimes are a high risk period because of the size of each cohort. Even when we stagger the lunchtimes too many children could potentially be on the playground at any one time. This clearly increases the risk of children mixing and therefore increases the risk of introducing infection. All children who are eligible for universal or free school meals will be provided with a packed lunch. If they are attending the morning session this will be provided for them as they leave school. Those attending the afternoon session will be provided with a lunch at the start of the session. 

Children will sanitise their hands on entry to school and will be provided with their own chair and table at which they will sit every day.  If they bring a coat it is to remain with them on their chair. They will be provided with a named, clear plastic pencil case and box/tray which will contain all the equipment they will need. They will not share equipment and all reading books will be wiped and left in a daily marked tray in order to be returned to the shelves after five days. No equipment should be brought in from home other than a named water bottle and prescription glasses which will be kept on their own desk. Children will access toilet facilities one at a time and this will be monitored by staff. All children will be required to wash/gel their hands at regular intervals, supervised by staff. All classrooms will be kept clean throughout the day and deep cleaned daily. Children will need to wear school uniform and where possible trainers/pumps so that they are able to participate in a structured play/P.E.session daily. No P.E bags are to be brought into school. Government guidelines advise that children’s’ clothes are washed daily. 

Children who are asthmatic will be required to bring a named inhaler with them and keep it with them throughout the session. Where children normally need to take medication during the day it is expected that can be arranged around the part time session at home. Where that is not possible for full time Key Worker or vulnerable children an arrangement will be put into place for administration in school. 

During this time all children who are not in school will continue to access on-line and work pack learning provided for them from teaching staff. 

We will continue to review these arrangements to allow us to move safely towards the return of all our children to school. Parents will need to ensure their own social distancing whilst waiting to collect their children. Our priority is to keep our children, staff and families as safe as we possibly can. 

Please look out for our guidance posters on our website. Frequently asked questions are also available on our website. Any further queries should be made through Dojo to our school office. 

Stay safe


Mrs R Littler