Parents/Carers Evening & Data Protection

22nd March 2018

Parents/Carers Evening & Data Checks for GDPR 

When you attend Parents/Carers Evening next week, you will be asked by staff to check the personal data we hold on record for your child, and emergency contact details. We will also ask for parent's Date of Birth and National Insurance No. if this is not already held on file. Please ensure you bring this information with you. 

Why do we need this? We have a system which constantly checks eligibility for Free School Meals and Pupil Premium Grant - beneficial for parents, your child/ren and the school (more information on our website). Even if a parent meets the eligibility criteria for as little as just one day, the school can benefit from additional income.  

To help ensure we meet GDPR compliance, our Privacy Notice for Pupils and their Families has been updated; a copy is also available on the website. It needs to be signed by at least one parent – again, when you are here next week for Parents/Carers Evening, staff will provide you with a copy. Please sign and help us meet our compliance requirements. Thank you. 

In the meantime, we thank you for your patience whilst we take the necessary steps set by the new legislation and guidance with handling data. 

For more information please see the Data Protection section on our website. Thank you.