Our School Lottery


Our School Lottery has raised over £3,600 for our school fund since we launched in March 2018. 

Using funds such as School Lottery proceeds have enabled us to fund various projects enriching school life of all children. Our major projects have been building Forest environment and funding the School Minibus. 

We are hoping to carry on developing our outdoor areas that are now even more needed in light of all the changes put in place due to COVID-19. We are also working on adding to our IT facilities to provide additional mobile devices for pupils to use.

Research on school fundraising by Your School Lottery: 

The survey uncovered a worrying situation for schools across the country:

  • 80% said they’d been unable to continue ANY form of fundraising since the onset of COVID-19
  • 99% of schools have raised less money as a result of COVID-19
  • 96% expect COVID-19 to affect their fundraising income next year. 

We are very dependent on our income coming from Your School Lottery. Especially in these challenging times when organising fundraising events is impossible, we are more reliant on other sources.

Please consider joining our school lottery and help us, so we can continue our work.

Follow the link below for further details - you can share it with friends and family too!


You'll have the chance to win weekly cash prizes or even the national £25,000 jackpot! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets now!

The School Lottery is open to anybody within the UK who wishes to support our school.

Thank you!