Kitchen's Friday Blog - 30/11

30th November 2018
Next Thursday is our Hot sandwiches and wraps Themed lunch:
Beef Burritos or Croque Monsieur (ham and cheese toasties).

If your child usually brings in a packed lunch and would like to join us and their friends please pay £2.20 on parent pay under Themed lunch 6/11/18.

Next weeks menu
Monday - Chicken or mushroom curry
Tuesday - Sausage and mash
Wednesday - Roast Beef or sliced Quorn
Thursday - Burritos or Croque Monsieur
Friday - Fish and chips

There are times during this busy time of year that we are unable to use the hall. Unfortunately we are unable to provide the deli bar on those particular days, due to space in the gym. The grab bag station will then provide a selection of wraps for those children who would like them.

Have a great weekend!
Catering manager