Celebrating Neurodiversity

Hopefully you have already seen our wonderful display of umbrellas in the school hall. 

The Neurodiversity Umbrella Project is an uplifting visual representation of all the different minds we have here in the UK.

We hope that our installation helps to raise awareness and understanding of neurodiversity. Our display is designed to represent the one in five people who have a neurodevelopmental condition, such as ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia or Tourette’s syndrome. These conditions fall under the umbrella term of neurodiversity.

Hanging from each umbrella is a tag written or drawn on by each child in our school to show how they are special and unique.

Each year our school is involved in Neurodiversity week which involves fantastic assemblies and class based activities to discuss and promote children's understanding of neurodiversity and the strengths neurodiverse people have.  We also hold various fundraising events and celebration days for Autism Together and World Downs Syndrome Day.

We have worked closely with the ADHD Foundation for a number of years who, like us at Liscard Primary, are committed to improving awareness and understanding of emotional well-being, mental health, behaviour and therefore the life chances of our neurodiverse children.

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