NED'S Mindset Mission

11th June 2019

NED’s Mindset Mission is an interactive, 45-minute positive behaviour assembly filled with humour, yo-yos, magic tricks, puppetry and storytelling. The performance introduces a cartoon boy named NED who is on a very important mission: to find his mindset. Throughout the performance the children will discover how to activate their growth mindset to overcome social, emotional and academic challenges.

NED stands for Never give up, Encourage others and Do your best.

The free NED assemblies will take place for KS1 & KS2 children on Thursday 4th July. On the day of the performance children will be able to purchase a selection of NED messaged items and yoyo’s (prices from £3-£11). They will be available to purchase for 5 days after the show.

Our school receives this assembly at no cost because another school community has paid it forward to us. The money from the sale of the yo-yo’s at our school will fund an assembly at another school.

You can watch a quick clip of the show here: