NDCS Fingerspellathon

19th December 2013

We have now received a letter and certificate from NDCS confirming receipt of the fantastic £1,424.72 that was raised by our amazing children and the fingerspellathon.

Very, very well done to everyone and thank you to all for your support.

Did you know:

  • £5 could provide a family with an information pack containing all the information they need to help them understand what help is available for their child
  • £15 could give a deaf child the chance to take part in drama, play football or tennis for the first time with other deaf children
  • £25 could save a deaf child in Kenya from working on the street and help reunite them with their family
  • £40 could help a family of a deaf child learn sign language together
  • £50 could give a child with additional complex needs 1:1 support during a weekend away