Looked After Children achieve well at Liscard Primary School!

19th September 2014

We know that our staff at Liscard work really hard to help ensure all our pupils achieve and have a great start to their education, but it’s always good to hear it from elsewhere! We have recently received an email from an Education Adviser at Cheshire West and Chester Council containing the following comments:

“Thank you for all the hard work and care you and the staff at Liscard have shown for all of our children in care”.  

“I have been analysing the attainment of my cohort and [the child] has made 3NC levels of progress from KS1 to the end of KS2 across all subjects. This is significant for any child but as [the child] is in care this is fantastic news and is down to a combination of [the child’s] hard work alongside the emotional understanding of the staff and the challenging education targets set by teachers.”

“Please pass on my sincere thanks to all staff involved” 

(Child’s name removed to protect anonymity)