Lockdown 3 - Day 1!

6th January 2021
Dear Parents/Carers,
Just a quick update on how today has gone. 
We were happy to welcome children into school and online for learning. The staff have worked really hard to get the technology working and delivery of lessons running smoothly. Understandably there have been some minor glitches, but I have been so impressed with how things have gone so far. We have some children whose superb IT skills are helping staff.
The major job for today was the organisation of laptop (Chromebooks) distribution for those children who need them. The school received a laptop allocation from the Department for Education. Our IT technician is busy building the laptops which will be ready for distribution by the end of this week. If you have requested a laptop please keep an eye out for a Dojo message. Miss Moran is organising a collection point in the school gym and will message suggested collection times, from tomorrow (Thursday).
Key worker places - We have been inundated with requests for the children of key workers to attend school. While we will try and do our best to accommodate, we could reach the point quite quickly where we will be full. So if any parents/carers are able to support learning from home we would appreciate it.
Finally, this afternoon we had to evacuate the school building for a short period of time, due to a strange smell permeating the school. After seeking urgent advice and a visit from Cadent the whole building was deemed safe. Apparently, a gas cloud had been reported in the CH44 and CH45 areas. The engineer stated that as the classroom windows were open to ventilate classrooms this was the probably cause of the smell. Please be reassured that there was no danger to the children. They enjoyed having some time outside. As you would expect the staff were fabulous.
Let's see what tomorrow brings.
Best wishes,
Sue Talbot