Kitchen's end of year blog

24th July 2018
Well its finally here the last day of another busy year. My team and I would like to say bye bye to our current year 6 who were in F2 the year we all started, its been lovely to see you grow and wish you well in your new schools.

Next years menus are available on the school website under School Meals then School Meals Information Booklet and Menus.The booklet is packed full of information about our catering service.

If your child is returning on a different meal pattern please can you let us know so parent pay can be altered accordingly. Those children moving from year 2 to year 3 please return the meal pattern letter, any child who doesn't we will presume is taking a hot dinner and will be charged £2.20 on parent pay.

Please clear any outstanding dinner money debt before the startof the new academic year.

Finally thank you to all who have dined with us this year! Looking forward to seeing you all in September.

Have a great summer!

Sheena Lorna Mandy Ching Kelie Jo Vanessa Julie