Kitchen Friday Blog 07/06

7th June 2019
This week I have been looking at our single use plastic in the kitchen and have made some small sustainable changes. Plastic forks and spoons that have been used on our grab bag station are replaced with eco wooden cutlery. I have ordered plastic beakers to replace disposable cups for drinking water and will no longer order bottled water. I will continue to make changes in the hope one day we will be one use plastic free. Each change we make may only be small but is heading in the right direction.

Menu for w/c 10/6/19
Monday - Chicken curry
Tuesday - Sausage and mash
Wednesday - Roast beef
Thursday - World War 2 themed lunch. Corned beef hash or cheese pie followed by jelly and evaporated milk
Friday - Fish and chips

Have a great weekend!

Catering Manager