IMPORTANT Information

21st May 2020

IMPORTANT Updated Provision Information -  Key Worker and Vulnerable Children

Children of key workers who need to return to work and parents/carers of vulnerable children, e.g. those with a social worker or Education Health Care Plan, have been prioritised by the government as the first group of children who should be offered a place at school from 1st June 2020.

We would ask if you require a place, please let us know, via the survey link below, as soon as possible, ideally, no later than Friday 22nd May 2020, to allow us to plan accordingly. Even if you, as a keyworker, are already bringing your child into school, we need to include you in our numbers so you must respond please.

Our current key worker and vulnerable children provision and organisation will have to change to accommodate greater demand from 1st June.

What will the provision be?

  • We aim to have a key worker/vulnerable children ‘pod’ (group) in every year group. They will remain together at all times and will not be part of their original class, in order to prevent groups of children mixing together. (All other classes will only be in school on a part-time basis, as and when their year group is phased back into school – more information to follow.
  • Key worker/vulnerable children provision will be offered every day from 8:45am until 3:20pm. (They will complete the same work as their year group.)

What children will need from 1st June 2020

  • Children will need to bring their own lunch – meals will not be provided this week
  • A water bottle for throughout the day
  • School uniform
  • Sun cream to be applied at home please
  • No bags and nothing to be brought in from home to help reduce the risk

Unfortunately, government restrictions prevent us from opening our normal before and after school provision, i.e. Liscard Pirates Club, as this would involve children from other year groups and key worker/vulnerable children mixing together, which clearly increases the risk of cross contamination.  

Possible Extended Key Worker Provision

However, if there is sufficient demand, we may be able to offer an alternative extended key worker school pod. This pod would operate out of the mobile classrooms and would be a mixed year group of children who stay in this pod all day, every day, specifically for parents/carers who need an extended day provision, e.g. from 8am to 5:30pm.

We could only offer this if we have at least 10 children, at a likely cost of £70 per child, per week, (to cover the cost of the extended day). (We recognise that this cost is higher than the usual weekly cost for such a place in Pirates Club; however, we have very strict government restrictions to follow meaning we are only able to offer a limited number of places for the space we have available.) Places would need to be paid for online, strictly weekly in advance.

Places would be limited and you would need to book a place now; you are able to do this as part of the survey we need you to complete.

All Key Worker Parents/Carers & Parents Of Vulnerable Pupils To Complete This Survey Please

Please stay safe and stay well.