House Points for 2013/2014

17th July 2014

We are coming to the end of another exciting year at Liscard Primary School and so it’s time to add up the totals for all of the house points earned this year. The children earn house points throughout the year for their excellent behaviour and work.

The totals for each team this year are as follows:

  • Water House = 17,859 points
  • Fire House = 17,489 points
  • Air House = 17,060 points
  • Earth House = 16,689 points

So the total number of house points earned this year is

69,097 points

That adds up to a lot of hard work and great behaviour from all of the children, so well done!

The winner for this term was Air House, the overall winner for the year was Water House!

Winning Houses are rewarded with Special events, you can find out more about how our House Point system works by clicking on the following link: