“Hour of Code” week

10th March 2014

As part of National “Hour of Code” week, our Foundation Stage, Y1 and Y2 children began their coding journey.  The children in KS1 were paired to work collaboratively on 2 projects, one using the Purple Mash program 2Code and the second session focussed on the (free!!) Hopscotch app.  It was lovely to see the Y2 children working so well alongside their Y1 partners.

The children were taught some of the basics to computer programming and by the end of each session, had developed and extended pre-existing games, problem solved to eliminate “bugs” or glitches in coding  and progressed to designing their very own game using the new code language.

Our Foundation Stage children also got involved and were particularly inspired by a Haunted House problem, where they were using quite complex coded instructions to enable each of the characters to move.

Liscard’s very own “Digital Leaders” from Y6 (who attend a higher levelled Code Club run by Miss Moran and Mrs Bratherton) were incredible in helping the Y1 and Y2 children on their challenges.  The ambience in every classroom was electric and every child was engrossed in their task.

A very big thank you to all the Foundation Stage and KS1 staff who were involved.

Click on the link below to see our fabulous montage of photos....