Early Years Foundation Stage

At Liscard Primary we acknowledge the statement that ‘the period from birth to five is one of rapid growth and development – physical, emotional,  moral and intellectual.  At this stage children’s development needs are complex and inter-related’. (Starting with Quality – DES 1990)
  • We believe it is essential to create an environment of emotional warmth, with consistent praise and encouragement, so that each child feels individually valued, well-motivated and confident to meet new challenges and reach our high expectations with a sense of achievement.
  • We are in agreement with the Every Child Matters agenda as we want all of our children to be successful learners, to be confident individuals and to become responsible citizens.
  • We believe the Foundation Stage, which covers the development of children between the ages of three and five years, is important because it is in the foundation years that children develop learning attitudes, skills, social integration and personal organisation. We see play as a central tool for learning as it is a key way in which young children learn with enjoyment and challenge.
  • We believe learning is holistic and cannot be compartmentalized. One experience may provide children with opportunities to develop a range of competencies, skills and concepts across several areas of learning. Each area of learning works towards a number of relevant Early Learning Goals, which most children are expected to achieve by the end of the Foundation Stage.