Documents for Parents/Carers

If your child has not previously regularly attended Liscard Pirates Club, please complete an online application to request a place.
Please apply for places at least 5 working days before the start date. Thank you.
If your child is already attending Liscard Pirates Club (Pirates or Captains Club sessions) and you would like to book sessions from September 2022, please complete this form.

PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME THAT YOUR CHILD HAS A PLACE FROM SEPTEMBER, just because they attend now. Places are in high demand - if your child's account is in credit (even a balance of £0.00) and you consistently pay for sessions in advance, your request for sessions will be given first priority.

We hope that you don't, but should you wish to cancel your renewal, you must give us four weeks notice using our online form please. Thank you.
All changes / querys should be made using this online Changes/Query form please.
Whilst we will always respond to requests/queries etc. as quickly as possible, please allow up to 5 working days for a reply.
Please see below for Liscard Pirates Before School, After School and Holiday Club Prices. This document also includes costs for our Pre-School & Foundation 1 provision.