Happy Retirement Mrs Littler

30th December 2020

Tomorrow will be Mrs Littler’s last official day as Headteacher of Liscard Primary School.

Mrs Littler has spent the past 43 years teaching in Wirral schools and we are extremely lucky that the last 14 years of her career were here, as an outstanding Headteacher in our World Class School. Mrs Littler has achieved so much in these years and helped change the lives and futures for many children, not just in our community but in others through her role as a National Leader in Education and School Improvement Partner.

Mrs Littler is an exceptional and inspirational leader; she has also helped develop the future careers of many leadership teams, teachers and school support staff. 

Mrs Littler, we’re sure you are as proud of the work you have done as we are, the person you are and the difference you have made for so many. Thank you for everything you have done. May your retirement life be your best chapter yet.

Whilst this might all feel a little new, now it’s time to focus just on you! Fill your days with your favourite things and whatever else this journey brings! Remember the past with fondness, look to the future with eagerness and live each moment to the fullest.

Wishing you a life full of success and happiness…Happy Retirement Mrs Littler.