COVID Summer Food Fund

Parents/carers will receive their final Free School Meals (FSM) voucher for eligible children, this Friday, 17th July 2020, if your child/ren have not been in school since 1st June 2020.

COVID Summer Food Fund

These vouchers have now been ordered for all children who are eligible up to and including today, 13th July 2020 (regardless of whether they have already returned to school) – unfortunately, in accordance with the government guidance, if your child is not eligible by today, this summer scheme will not apply.

For those children who are eligible for FSM, parents/carers will receive the summer fund vouchers on the following dates:

Monday 20th July, Monday 27th July, Monday 3rd August, Monday 10th August and Friday 14th August*.

On each of the Mondays you will receive 1 e-Code, regardless of the number of children you have eligible. The e-Code can then be redeemed for an e-Voucher to spend at participating supermarkets. The value of the e-Voucher will be determined by the number of children you have eligible, i.e., if you have 1 eligible child, you will receive £15 per week, 2 children = £30 per week, 3 children = £45 per week, etc.

The final voucher will be released on Friday 14th August 2020. You will receive the equivalent of 2 weeks e-Vouchers, for the last 2 weeks of August. Again, you will receive just 1 e-Code which will be redeemed for an e-Voucher to the value of £15 x 2, for each eligible child, i.e., if you have 1 eligible child, you will receive £30 for the last 2 weeks, 2 children = £60, 3 children = £90, etc.

The Edenred guidance notes are available below. Please follow the link below for more information as the school will have limited access to Dojo during the summer break.