Liscard Pirates

26th August 2015
During the summer holidays, 15 National Citizen Service (NCS) young people have been volunteering to regenerate a room that will be used for Liscard Pirates from September onwards. NCS is a scheme for all 15-17 year olds that builds skills, confidence, helps young people take ownership of a project and make new friends.
These young people have given up two weeks of their time to fund raise, decorate and prepare a room that is a pirates galore! During the project they completed two bag packs in the local area, this allowed the young people to purchase all the materials they needed such as dust sheets, paint and wall stickers. Throughout the project, all of the young people have mature and respectful young adults. The whole team at Liscard Primary is extremely grateful for the hard work and commitment these young people have shown. We look forward to welcoming some of you back as volunteers. Da Iawn!