Autumn Term Assemblies

Autumn Term A - Assemblies

The Friday assemblies have focused on celebrating the children following the three school rules:

Be Kind

Work Hard

Never give up 

September 2021

We started the year reminding ourselves of the school motto ‘Dream Believe Achieve.’

We thought about our school values – kindness, honesty, resilience, respect and trust.

We launched our Recognition Boards to ‘catch children getting it right.’

Our second assembly was about working hard. We looked at the story of Daniel Cabrera pictured doing his homework outside a McDonalds in the Philippines, because he was homeless. His hard work combined with a social media campaign resulted in Daniel getting a scholarship.

Our third assembly was about Emma Radacanu, the 18 year old tennis player; how she became overwhelmed at Wimbledon but went on to win the US Open tennis championship.

October 2021

October is Black History month. We took the opportunity to celebrate some really inspirational people. 

The Kanneh-Masons are an extremely talented family. The seven children are gifted musicians who play the piano, cello and violin. Sheku Kanney-Mason played the cello at Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding.

The children learnt about Marcus Rashford, a talented footballer who has represented England and became the youngest English footballer to score in his first senior international match. Marcus is a campaigner against racism, homelessness and child hunger. 

The children learnt about the very talented trio of black women who worked for NASA; Dorothy

Vaughan; Mary Jackson & Katherine Johnson. They were exceptional mathematicians, known as the 'humanc omputer,' because they completed mathematical calculations faster than the computer of the day. Their work resulted in the safe orbit of satellites, rocket launches and the space shuttle launches and re-entries. Some of their work was captured in the film 'Hidden Figures.'

The final week we celebrated two talented musicians, Emilie Sande and Pharrell Williams. The children learnt about Dr Kizzmekia Corbett, an American viral immunologist whose research into Coronavirus led to the production of the Moderna vaccine.

November 2021

We learnt about COP26 where 26 world leaders came together to discuss climate change.

Sir David Attenborough attended the conference. At the age of 95 he is still passionate about the planet and looking at ways we can all play our part in preventing further climate change.

We learnt about Ashton Talbot’s experience of climate change. He lives in San Diego, California where there is a constant drought. Ashton and his family use different ways to save and reuse water.

Recently there were large forest fires that threatened to destroy the famous red wood trees in Muir Wood.


We heard about the history of Children in Need which started in 1985 and raised over a £1,000,000.

We learnt that the first Pudsey Bear was brown not yellow. He was named after a town in Yorkshire.

Sir Terry Wogan was a famous DJ who championed Children in Need. This year the Great Rickshaw Challenge came to Wirral. A teenager called Olivia cycled from Southport to Claire House in Wirral.




Be Kind

Being kind is one of our school rules. Key Stage 1 children looked at the book ‘Kindness is my Superpower.’