Multicultural Week 2014

14th March 2014

This week has been multicultural week, where each year group has been focusing on learning about how other people live on other continents and countries.  A range of fabulous cross curricular activities have been running throughout the school, where the children have researched and experienced first-hand a rich diversity of food, music, dance and art.

KS1 and Foundation Stage welcomed the fabulous local speaker Miso’shi, to a special assembly to learn about life in Ghana.  The children heard her fabulous tales of life in Africa, where she had the children engrossed in learning about cultural differences in language, fashion, food, work and even discussed historical facts about slavery and its legacy in her home town.  Through her warm and friendly character, she had the children singing, dancing and laughing along with her enchanting stories.  What an experience!

In KS2, children have been blogging with other schools from a range of different countries, using our Djembe drums to learn patterns and compose their own beats inspired by music they have listened to and have been tasting a range of delicious foods from the countries they have been learning about.

To find out more, visit our class blogs to watch videos, see photos and hear recordings of our multicultural celebrations!  (Click the link below to take you to the class blogs)